Squidfish Attacks!!! is a multimedia project of Luke Highet with a focus on nostalgic aesthetics, retro sounds and a tight mix of synth funk and metal that aims to please the ear.

Along with musical ouput SFA!!! strives to create visuals and interactive content to build and support a fictional cyberpunk-lite world.

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Please...escape from the world a little.

SFA News!!!

Impulse released to the masses!


We at SFA!!! Enterprises are proud to announce our newest release Impulse, a Synthwave banger and mood injection system for all known retail robots (and even those less known).

You won't have to lift a finger, of course, as your little helper will take care of it themselves. For the curious, however, here's a wireframe example of what will happen.

Bored of your robots five emotions? Well, with the Squidfish Attacks!!! robot mood-ingestion add-on pack your robot can now allow them to experience and learn from new environments and moods, all from the comfort of their charging station!

While it may sound like a solid synth-ballad jam to prying human ears the patented mood-ingestion aural method re-codes a robot's auxillary sensors so they truly believe they are in a different place and time. Treat your robot today, ease their stress and learn together.

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